“Positive Transformation Via Environmental HarmonySM” 

This is the ultimate goal Happy Chi SolutionsSM seeks to help you achieve with the ancient traditions of Feng Shui as our primary tools. Happy Chi SolutionsSM prides itself on helping you find dynamic energy solutions to enhance your energetic environment so you can live your best life.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway), commonly referred to as  “the ancient Chinese art of harmonious placement”  is as relevant today as it has ever been in 3000 plus years of history. This is evidenced by my clients’ success stories, as much as by the experiences of the following noted business people, celebrities, and corporations who have reportedly used Feng Shui in their surroundings:

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JAA@Namaste 2013Julie Anna Alvarez is a Feng Shui consultant and lecturer with a unique background that allows her to relate to the myriad concerns of both her residential and business clientele.  A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, she practiced as a licensed New York State attorney and has spent her entire professional career helping people find solutions to improve their circumstances.  She continues to help people in her role at Happy Chi Solutions, not as a Doctor of Law, but as a certified Feng Shui consultant who makes “house calls.”

A graduate of the internationally acclaimed training program “The Accelerated Path™” founded and taught by Feng Shui expert and author Nancy SantoPietro (Feng Shui: Harmony By Design and Feng Shui & Health: The Anatomy of A Home), Alvarez was personally mentored by SantoPietro and was a Senior Associate of Nancy SantoPietro & Associates prior to launching Happy Chi Solutions as her own Feng Shui consultation and seminar services business.  In addition to studying with SantoPietro, Alvarez has also studied with her teacher’s mentor, the late H.H. Grand Master Lin Yun Rinpoche, as well as Denise Linn, Katherine Metz, R.D. Chin, Gina Lazenby and Nancy Rosanoff—all noted figures in the world of Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Healthy Homes and Intuition Development.


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