Year of the Monkey2016

Happy Year of the Fire Monkey 2016-2017!

Note from Julie Anna Alvarez:  I am grateful to share with my Happy Chi Solutions community the forecast of Emerging Trends for the new Lunar New Year compiled by my colleague and friend, YASHA JAMPOLSKY of FOUR PILLARS EVOLUTION.  Yasha is a trusted expert in these matters.  Enjoy his forecast below: February 8, 2016 marks the […]

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Winter Peace

Let It Begin With You

By Julie Anna Alvarez With so many tragedies and negative reports in the news daily, it is easy for individuals to feel helpless and too small to make a dent in problems locally and globally that seem so huge.  But each of us is not helpless or powerless. We can make a difference right where […]

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Considering 5 Element Theory in Your Decor

By Julie Anna Alvarez If you have ever walked into a dentist’s office and felt uncomfortable while sitting in the middle of the stark landscape of the all white color scheme and metal implements everywhere, then you have felt the effects of not having a balance of what Feng Shui refers to as the 5 Elements.  Having a […]

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27 APRIL 2015

Celebrating Mother Nature Feng Shui Style

By Julie Anna Alvarez April is Earth Month and features Earth Day (April 22).  But if you live your life Feng Shui style, Earth Month is every month and Earth Day is every day because the central premise of Feng Shui is to live life in harmony with your environment. Even with the best of […]

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Mardi Gras Float-Spring (180x320)
9 MARCH 2015

Spring Cleaning Lessons Learned in New Orleans

By Julie Anna Alvarez I was in New Orleans, sitting in the famous Basilica-Cathedral of St. Louis amidst a throng of people at the Noon Ash Wednesday Mass. I had seen the unmistakable evidence of Mardi Gras beads and confetti (not to mention some folks with hangovers still wearing their beads) as I walked the streets of […]

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New Year's Eve Times Square Ball
9 JANUARY 2015

Clear The Clutter for a Happy New Year!

by Julie Anna Alvarez, Happy Chi Solutions We have just rung in 2015 and have great expectations of enjoying a Happy New Year.  And why shouldn’t you have health and joy and all good things in the year to come? Why not be able to reach some cherished goals?  And yet the key to experiencing […]

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Spanish Bunk Bed with overhang
10 NOVEMBER 2014

The Energy is Real: A Cautionary Tale about Bunk Beds

In assessing whether a bedroom has “good” or “bad” Feng Shui, one of the important considerations is the type of bed utilized and its placement within the room, since this influences how the “Chi” or energy impacts the person sleeping in the bed.  A Feng Shui consultant will also look at architectural features such as ceiling beams […]

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