Feng Shui


by Julie Anna Alvarez

What is Feng Shui and why does it help?

Feng Shui is more than 3000 year-old Chinese tradition of harmonious placement.  The words “Feng” and “Shui” literally mean “wind” and “water,” pointing back to a time when the most important aspects of Feng Shui were choosing a location for one’s home that would provide safety and prosperity for the family and choosing an “auspicious” location for burying ancestors that would honor one’s lineage.  Having a home built on a stretch of land protected from the harsh wind and with easy access to fresh water meant the family living there could enjoy good crops, which would lead to increased finances and in turn, good health.  Feng Shui applies, not only to where a building is located, but also to each floor and room of a structure, and how the flow of energy through these spaces affects you and each corresponding area of your life.

Remember, everything around us (including us) is made of energy.  A table, for example,  only appears solid—in fact scientifically speaking, it is made up of particles of energy vibrating at a certain frequency that hold together to make us perceive the form of the object as we see it!  So, where you place things from walls to beds to desks will have an impact on how Universal Energy flows through your living or working space.

In the tradition of Black Hat School Feng Shui, we use an octagon map called the “Bagua” to determine which areas of space are associated with certain areas of your life: Relationships, Children & Creativity, Helpful People & Travel, Career, Spirituality & Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame and Health at the center of it all.  If energy is flowing positively through all these sectors, then all these areas in your life will reflect it.  However, suppose the flow of energy is blocked in your wealth area—you may notice your finances stagnant or dwindling.  An erratic flow of energy in your relationship area may be illustrated by difficulties encountered in your romantic partnership.

And all areas are connected, so sooner or later, what is happening in one area will influence one or more of the others.  It’s very much like looking at an energy pizza pie where all the slices touch each other and the points meet in the middle creating a complete pie.  When one slice is missing, you just don’t have the full meal you ordered!  (As a native New Yorker, I think getting a complete pizza pie when you’re entitled to one is pretty important—don’t you?).

How do we know if the energy around us is flowing properly?

If in all areas of your life you have a sense of well being and you are in good health, then most likely the energy is flowing in your life and through your environment well.  But if you are dissatisfied with any area(s) and you are not living life to the optimum level you are meant to, then it is time to let a trained Feng Shui counselor come in to make a “diagnosis.”  Working with the counselor’s appropriate “prescriptions” for your space and your lifestyle, you can start to make those changes in your life that are the steps to transforming your life.  Feng Shui is often described as acupuncture for your environment, unblocking energy pathways and or balancing the energy flow.  Is it that easy?  It can be.  Change of any kind can be frightening at first.  It can make us resist.  But often the relatively simple changes Feng Shui makes in the environment around you may be easier for you to make than you think.  Certainly easier than it would be to start with what you might consider major internal changes.  Nonetheless, these outer adjustments can shift the energy outside you leading to the same results, and ultimately help you make some internal changes with less difficulty.

 How can Happy Chi Solutionssm help me?

Through our Feng Shui consultations serving clients in both residential and business settings, we can help you understand how Feng Shui can be applied to your unique situation and needs.  We also offer seminars and workshops that can increase your knowledge of Feng Shui (or the knowledge of a group of your employees, members of an association, or your clients) and its practical applications in every day life.  We invite you to further explore this website to learn more about the various services we offer, as well as get to know me, Happy Chi’s resident “chi wiz”, Julie Anna Alvarez.

We provide comprehensive Feng Shui consultation services (including those focused on health issues) and Space Clearing/Space Blessings.  We are also able to provide assistance in working with your internal energy system – your Chakras, as well as assist with creating personalized affirmations, meditations and/or vision boards (goal setting “maps”) to bolster your transformation process.  When appropriate, we also work with various intuitive modalities to receive greater insights into your issues.

How to arrange a consultation or seminar:

Check out our services and then call 212-795-0517 or contact us for more information. For consultations (on site or long distance), prior to setting an appointment, review our Planning for Your Feng Shui Consultation guidelines. Our experience includes consultations for apartments, multilevel houses, home offices, corporate offices, retail establishments, and even a warehouse!  Due to my prior career as a licensed New York State attorney, experience with law offices and similar environments are among my specialties.

Happy Chi Solutionssm has successfully presented seminars for companies’ employees; keynote speeches and lectures for trade organizations, conventions and health & wellness conferences; and in-store chats for retailers.  We have also participated in a number of radio interviews. Check our sample topics {blue – insert hyperlink} and contact us  so we can design a program or speaking engagement that fits your goals and intended audience.

All work done for clients is strictly confidential.  Permissions were obtained for the testimonials and success stories featured on this site, as it is of utmost importance to us that we keep our clients’ trust.