Thank you for your interest in my Feng Shui consultation services.  Helping you to harmonize your home or office environment is a privilege I take very seriously.  I look forward to having the opportunity to implement the ancient traditions of Feng Shui in order to assist you in living a more fulfilling, balanced life.  My approach is from the Black Hat School of Feng Shui perspective as taught by the late world renowned Master Thomas Lin Yun and his also well known disciple, Feng Shui expert and author, Nancy SantoPietro.

I have been taught to combine the use of Feng Shui design principles with the Chakra energies, as developed in a system exclusively by Nancy SantoPietro.  The methods I use draw on the practical, transcendental and the intuitive.  I tailor my consultations and the advice given to suit the needs of each client.  I am proud to carry on traditions that will help you create sacred spaces around you that will increase your ability to receive prosperity, well-being and improved relationships in your life experiences.

 What types of consultations are available?


You may schedule an on-site consultation to your home or office.  This is the most effective way to get the full benefits of my Feng Shui assessment.  When it is not feasible to schedule an on-site visit, I can arrange to do a consultation via telephone.

 What can I expect my full Feng Shui consultation to include?

Prior to the on-site visit or phone consultation, I make a detailed assessment of your floor plan and personal information submitted (more on this below) and prepare a written report for you.

During the actual consultation visit, I begin by sitting and discussing with you my initial findings, go over the handouts I provide, and take the time to assess your personal energy field and those of your immediate environment and analyze how these may be influencing your life situations positively or negatively.

I then ask the client to walk me through each room of the home or business.  After careful assessments of each room, I will make suggestions as to adjustments and Feng Shui “cures” that may be implemented to improve the energy dynamics of the space.  These suggestions may encompass suggestions ranging from repositioning furniture to adjusting color schemes or using intentionally placed objects to act as “acupuncture needles” to improve the flow of energy in an area of a given room.

If the client is comfortable with participating, I usually end a consultation with a brief ceremony that allows the client to focus their attention on the blessings they wish to attract in their major life areas (health, wealth, career, relationships, etc.).  Expanded Blessing Ceremonies and follow-up services

for homes and offices are available as needed or upon request.  Contact us for our Feng Shui Consultation Rate Sheet for more information on rates and services available.

How do I prepare for my consultation?

All of the following (floor plan, biography, and red envelopes) are required in preparation for all consultations.  Floor plans and biographies need to be received by email, mail or fax no later than within one week of the consultation appointment.  Red envelopes (described below) are given to me in person at the on-site consultation or mailed to arrive prior to any telephone consultation.

            Floor Plan: A hand drawn floor plan of your space indicating the overall layout of each floor and/or room.  Sketches should show the general location of all major pieces of furniture or equipment including the desk, bed and stove.  If there is more than one bedroom, please indicate who sleeps in each room.  Floor plan drawings should also include the direction of the swing of all doors (left to right or right to left, for example), placement of windows, bathrooms, etc.  Once drawn, make a copy of the floor plan so that one can be sent to my office and one can be kept by you for reference.

            Brief Biography: A one page life sketch describing your current life situation and your reasons for wanting to have a Feng Shui consultation at this time.  Please include any issues or concerns you may have as to health, finances, relationships, career, family, etc. or any other current information you feel is pertinent.  Please be assured that all information is honored, kept confidential and secure.

            Red Envelopes: The red envelopes are a Black Hat Sect tradition that has been honored and passed down through the centuries.  It is a requirement for the consultant in order to pass along to you their sacred knowledge.  The red envelopes honor the exchange of energy between client and consultant, shows respect for the process, and is necessary to activate the spiritual component of any “cures” and adjustments recommended.

The red envelopes will be used by me during my own private prayer time after the consultation in order to provide blessings for your home/business, your life in general and any specific intentions that were expressed during the consultation.  The red envelope tradition works like this: at the end of the consultation you will be asked to present to me a certain number of red envelopes with one dollar in each of the envelopes, with one dollar plus the complete consultation fee in the last envelope.

Any type of red envelope may be used. You may buy traditional “Chinese Red Envelopes” available in most Asian communities or neighborhoods.  You may also make your own from red construction paper or use envelopes from a card store.  They can also be purchased from me.  PLEASE have the envelopes ready prior to the start of the consultation. The number of red envelopes can vary depending on how many cures may be needed for the type of consultation, but you will always be informed in advance of the number.


 What are the rates for a Feng Shui Consultation?

Please ask us for a copy of our most current “Feng Shui Consultation Rates Sheet” for rates and types of consultation services available.

 What if I am out of the New York City Area and want a consultation?


I am willing to travel and have performed consultations in areas as varied as Connecticut, Maryland and Puerto Rico!  A travel fee may be charged for consultations if the travel time is longer than an hour each way even if within the NYC 5 boroughs or if the consultation is out of New York State.  Travel fees will vary depending on the distance involved, however, as a general rule, travel time will be charged at $36 per hour.  Travel fees will be discussed with you and determined well in advance of any appointment.  Travel fees are in addition to the consultation fee.  Travel fees for out-of-town visits or areas beyond a NYC Metrocard fare may also include transportation costs and/or lodging.

For information on my availability for lectures, seminars, etc. please call (212) 795-0517.


“OM MA NI PAD ME HUM”—Julie Anna