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Custom-made Spiritually Affirmative Bracelets

What makes these bracelets special?

Each bracelet is prayerfully made by hand and heart using genuine Swarovski® crystals. In the ancient traditions of Feng Shui, numbers have sacred and mystical meanings, and so a bracelet is composed of an auspicious number of crystals. The crystals themselves raise the energy vibrations around you and will have been blessed with the intention of bringing you more love, joy, health and prosperity and whatever special intention you share with us when you place your order.  If there is a specific intention desired for the wearer, the blessing is tailored to that intention.  Praying over each bead changes the crystals’ structure to carry the energy of the blessings for you. Clair Galvano infuses a bracelet with positive intentions and blessings as she makes it, and Julie Anna Alvarez completes the process with a Feng Shui blessing. These bracelets cannot be purchased ready-made or mass-produced.  Your bracelet will either be commissioned by you or by someone who thinks you are special.    Each bracelet is a portable Feng Shui “cure” and a wearable prayer.  We believe the crystals “remember” their mission for you.  Each bracelet is accompanied by a printed message letting the recipient know all of the above and presented in a lovely protective jewelry pouch to keep them shiny and beautiful.  This is a meaningful, personalized gift that the recipient will never forget!

Some of the most popular crystal colors available and their qualities are: 

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Other crystal bracelet colors available upon request include:

Violet/Purple: Wealth and Crown Chakra for spiritual connection

Indigo: 3rd Eye Chakra for raising intuition

Yellow: Health and Solar Plexus Chakra — strengthens the will

Orange: Social Center Chakra  for sexuality and self-esteem

Gray: Helpful People & Travel

All bracelets are strung on strong, long-lasting elastic. If the elastic ever breaks, it is usually at a time when the wearer has made a significant life breakthrough and we are happy to re-string the beads for free if you return all the original beads along with shipping and handling (if you have lost some, the cost of replacing beads will apply).

Pricing as of January 2012 is as follows:

Standard wrist size bracelet = $45 + shipping/handling

Extended wrist size bracelet = $48 + shipping/handling

To order your bracelets and learn more contact:

Clara “Clair” Galvano
Crystal Clair Creations
A sister company of
Happy Chi Solutions
P.O. Box 261
New York, NY 10033-0261
(212) 795-0517