Full Feng Shui Consultation

Residential or Business

For apartments, houses, corporate office suites or business premises

May be for current premises or in advance of moving into a new locale (access to the locale is needed, but may be empty of furnishings, etc.).

The average consult for an apartment, house or small business typically takes 3 hours.  Larger or more complex floor plans may run additional hours.

Prior to the on-site visit or long distance consultation, a detailed assessment of the client’s floor plan and pre-submitted personal bio is conducted and used to prepare a preliminary written Feng Shui analysis report.

During the actual consultation, we begin by discussing the initial report findings. We go over support materials provided, and take time to assess the client’s personal energy field and that of the immediate environment. We then analyze how these may be influencing life situations positively or negatively.

A thorough walk-through of each room in the home or business is conducted (and we check the outside landscaping if applicable).  After careful assessments of each room, suggestions are made as to adjustments and Feng Shui “cures” that may be implemented to improve the energy dynamics of the space.  These suggestions may range from repositioning furniture to adjusting color schemes or using intentionally placed objects to act as “acupuncture needles” to improve the flow of energy in an area of a given room.

If the client is comfortable with participating, the consultation usually concludes with a blessing ceremony (in the master bedroom of a home or the office of the client in a business setting).

NOTE:  On occasion, if someone lives in a room rented within a larger apartment or house, I can provide a consultation treating the situation as I would a personal office based on the size of the room.  This is only recommended where the client would not have access to the overall home or have access to make Feng Shui adjustments anywhere else in the home except for the one room in question.